Partnerships: Key to the Northwest Tech Bridge

Businesses are increasingly becoming aware that building traction in a market often depends on developing the right partners up front.

John Hayes, Director of Sales for Balyo USA, writes in Forbes magazine:

“Partnerships matter. They are important in marriage, friendship and, of course, business. Too often there is a “secret sauce” mentality ……Partnerships in business form an integral ecosystem. …….. from company to company, launch consultancies and align with new technologies, …….You never know what connection from a previous job or tradeshow might resurface with a new job prospect, so foster strong working relationships. ……..The reality is that the “secret sauce” approach is starting to change, particularly since the pandemic and supply-chain solutions cannot be solved in isolation.”

The concept of the Naval X Tech Bridge is no exception to this truth. Our mission to act as a “bridge” between the DON and industry requires developing and working closely with many partners; partners both in industry as well as in the sphere of the DON. This “two prong” system of partnerships allows the Tech Bridge provide a high value is, at its core the high value, and essentially the “secret sauce” that can be leveraged by the founders, innovators and small businesses we engage with on a regular basis.

Our long list of partners includes:
Pacific Northwest Mission Acceleration Center
Impact Washington
Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition
Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center
Kitsap Economic Development Alliance
Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport
Olympic College
University of Washington
DOE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Maritime Blue

There are many more valued partners that the Tech Bridge works closely with as we work to make connections for small businesses. We will continue to present to the readers other important partners in subsequent issues. In launching this Northwest Tech Bridge newsletter, we are pleased to highlight two of our important partners: National Center for Manufacturing Sciences and Washington Autonomous Vehicles-Cluster.